Why Choose Steel?

At the heart of our concept is steel’s flexibility and sustainability – and this is highlighted through our wide range of applications.

reduced waste, resilient material, rapid construction

For us, steel represents change. A move away from what we know about building materials. A change for the better. Something we need. Not something we simply want. Steel solves many problems, especially regarding our environment. Yet also, it brings numerous commercial, logistical, financial and practical benefits.

Less environmental waste

Nearly 90% of the steel in production today is recycled or will be recycled – making it the most recycled material in the world. Furthermore, steel is manufactured very precisely, meaning a significant lowering of error. Whereas, timber is a natural product and sometimes there are imperfections – rendering the wood as unusable.

Accelerated construction

Steel is fabricated off-site, meaning that a lot of the work is already done when it arrives to site. On quick completion, other trades can then enter the site sooner. Overall, this speeds up the project timescale as it’s not hampered by on-site access limitations and uncontrollable elements like weather conditions.

For example, Steel Frame Homes can construct a steel-frame average family-home in four to six weeks – as opposed to four to six months with timber-frame homes.

Less labour

Many steel sections are accurately engineered off-site, to fit seamlessly when they arrive on site. This ensures less labour on site – saving time and money.

Easy installation

Steel is well suited for modular construction. With a lot of the work completed off-site with the latest fabrication equipment for a flawless finish, the installation process is greatly simplified.

Minimised carbon footprint

Accelerated construction and less labour mean less impact on our planet. When using steel in this way, we are economising and minimising our carbon footprint. Steel is overall more environmentally-friendly.

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Strong defence

Structural steel is resistant to the external forces of mother nature. As a flexible metal, its plasticity ensures it will bend – not crack and break – during dynamic forces such as high winds, storms or earthquakes.


Steel has a high strength to weight ratio, which means steel is a tensile metal. It is durable and can withstand the weight of a fleet of cars, many people and many materials. Overall, engineers can use steel to design and build large buildings, high-rise developments, monumental bridges and many other large-scale projects.


When it comes to framing, steel is lighter than timber. From reducing the materials’ shipping costs to simplifying a building’s design, lightweight material has many advantages that result in reducing project budgets and timescales.


Steel framing systems provide greater thermal energy efficiency than that of traditional construction. Steel-frame buildings do not need brick for insulation. Instead, they are rendered or cladded, which provides an extra level of insulation.


Steel loses its strength when exposed to intense heat, which can cause structural collapse. Therefore, all our steel is coated in fire-resistant material. Furthermore, we also apply materials to protect against corrosion, mould and vermin.


Due to the above benefits, steel is overall a more economical long-term solution. It is a material that allows us to forward-think through ready-made steel sections, less labour and an end product that withstands external forces.