Steel Framed Home Construction


The world is reacting to the huge environmental changes and there is a growing demand for progressive and sustainable construction solutions.

Steel Framed Homes was established in 2019, we are a team of engineers, technicians and construction specialists with over 50 years experience in the construction industry.

Reacting to the need to deliver innovative construction solutions – in particular focusing on environmentally-friendly and sustainable residential homes.

Our goal is to deliver sustainable building, development, construction & infrastructure solutions all whilst protecting the environment as best we can.

Leaders in responsible construction solutions

We are responsible developers who want to ensure not only the future of the construction, but the future of urban life, city living, residential dwellings, infrastructure and the environment we live in.

Overall, we recognize that construction companies play a huge part in making our planet a safe and sustainable place to live.

And, we’ve stepped up to this responsibility.

Caucasian Worker and the Construction Site. Skeleton Steel Frame of the Building. Hard hat Zone.
Skeleton Steel Building Construction Worker Wearing Safety Hard Hat and Noise Reduction Headphones. Going Up Using Ladder.

Why work with us

We have successfully delivered numerous steel-frame concepts in the construction of residential dwellings, homes, offices and industrial units – on time, and within budget.

We’ve achieved this through a team of experienced and professional structural engineers, technicians, project managers and construction professionals.

As the need for solid infrastructure through steel grows, we continue to develop our technology and expertise, in order to deliver a vital and cost-effective service to developers, contractors, housing associations, councils, private investors and general authorities.