Embrace the future of construction, with steel

Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. That’s why we use it to build our homes. Alongside its efficient design, accelerated delivery and faster build, it minimises our carbon footprint – meaning we can develop sustainably, without unnecessary harm to our environment


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Discover an alternative in the building industry that allows for development while also conserving our planet. Steel frames are all about sustainability. Sustainability in the construction industry.

And therefore, sustainability for our planet.

Constructing a better world, with steel

Our world is constantly developing. Our population is growing by 1.08% each year. Our demands change. We need more. More urbanisation. More infrastructure. More housing. We need it quicker. We need it now.

But we also need to protect. We need to sustain. We need to harm our environment less – if we are to thrive.

Steel Framed Home Construction

Pre designed homes

We have three pre designed steel framed homes, each has been professionally crafted by our architects and all can be built within a matter of weeks.

bespoke steel framed homes

We understand our customers all have unique needs and some may want us to create a completely bespoke designed steel framed home unique to them and their families.

From traditional to contemporary builds, we offer a complete design and build solution, with a team of experienced designers, architects and builders we can help you achieve the home of your dreams.

Bespoke Kitchen
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Our Latest Project

Explore our latest project, we created a beautiful family home in the Welsh countryside. Designed and built to a unique specification, perfectly pairing sustainability and luxury to create a truly stunning home.